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What is your world?

The ©Balanceplanet is a geographically accurate sitting ball / 3D globe with a diameter of 28-29 inch.

100% unique 100% touchable 100% professional 100% trend setting

An eye-catcher

Your living room gets an extra dimension with the Balanceplanet. Your living room will be more colourfull, your visitors talk about it and it can be used as seating furniture. The Balanceplanet is a real addition to your living room.

Give the Balanceplanet a permanent place

Complete your Balanceplanet his own stand. With this stand your Balanceplanet gets a permanent place at home. And it no longer rolls away.

washable fabric

The Cover of the Balanceplanet can easily be washed on 30°C by hand. By using the right fabric, you do not get any wear. This way the Balanceplanet always stays clean.

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