Warranty and Use


The removable outer shell of the ©Balanceplanet is made of stretch fabric, so it retains its optimum fit. That does not mean that signs of use can be prevented. The choices we made in terms of materials, printing and manufacturing were based on minimizing wear and tear and discoloration.

To keep wear and tear and discoloration to a minimum we recommend you care for your ©Balanceplanet as follows:
- Do not use on rough surfaces or damp surfaces that may transfer colour, or in unhygienic environments.
- Do not place in full sunlight.
- Always wash by hand at maximum 30°C using a product for fine and delicate fabrics.

Instructions for use

Follow these step-by step instructions for the ©Balanceplanet:

1. Remove the ©Balanceplanet from the tube.
2. Zip open the ©Balanceplanet.
3. Remove the inflatable ball from the packaging wih the air opening upwards.
4. Slip the ©Balanceplanet over the inflatable ball.
5. Hold the air opening firmly.
6. Insert the nozzle of the pump into the air opening.
7. Pump the ball up to a height of 70-75 cm (28-29 inches).
8. Put the plug in the opening.
9. Press the plug in firmply
10. Close the zip.
11. Your ©Balanceplanet is now ready for use.


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