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 3D globe / sitting ball

The ©Balanceplanet is a 3D world
globe with a diameter of 28-29 inch (70-75 cm).

The ©Balanceplanet is a touchable globe, handmade and geographically exact. It shows the correct view of our world. It is a gadget, an eye-catcher, a play and learning tool.

The ©Balanceplanet is a 3D world globe/sitting ball with a diameter of 28-29 inch (70-75 cm). It portrays the entire world in a colorful fashion with a high attention to detail. The outside consists of a durable detachable, touchable and washable elastic material on which our world is printed, detailed and colorful.

The ©Balanceplanet is handmade and produced in the Benelux. The concept for the dynamic globe has been developed by Reijers Kaartproducties bv.


©Balanceplanet broadens and enriches your world. Use this globe to put your company on the map. Let customers experience your global company differently.Put ©Balanceplanet somewhere visible. Give your clients and your business contacts a global experience. Make your world tangible too.


Make your experience of the world unique with ©Balanceplanet. Be inspired by this globe to decide where you want to go Dream about your holiday destination while you sit down on it. Experience the world. Give yourself and your family, friends and acquaintances a global experience.


©Balanceplanet is a unique way to discover the world. Use this mobile globe as a playful way of learning more about the world. Look for countries. Find their capitals. Discover the oceans. Sit, lie or roll all over the world. Now that’s an experience! Make the world touchable with the ©Balanceplanet.

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